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Hollywood Reporter

The NATPE Party Grows Up

January 18, 2013

With the NATPE Convention just a week away, The Hollywood Reporter did an article on the organization as it embarked on its 50th year. As NATPE's Chairman and CEO in 1994, and first Chairman representing the cable industry, Senior Editor Alex Ben Block interviewed me about the glory days of the convention and the challenges NATPE faced in light of the myriad of changes going on in the entertainment industry.

"An organization that started with station program directors needed to grow to embrace a much broader base of buyers and sellers."

Television Week

CW Plus: Digital For the Little Guy

New Network to Offer Alternatives for Markets 100 and Up

Time Warner

It's On and It Works! The WB Network's 100+ Station Group Makes TV History, Leaping into 80 Markets

Television Week

100+ Vital to Growth in Markets

Fledgling Scored With Nontraditional Strategy

The Hollywood Reporter

WB 100+ Stations Act Locally

Net personalizes central-casted signals for small markets

Broadcasting Magazine

Hybrid Network Thrives

Small markets welcome WB's cable-only broadcast model

Electronic Media

Station Experiment Hits its Stride

WB 100+ Aiming to Conquer with Cable

Television Week

From Kit To Cable

Station Group Leader Transformed Childhood Fascination Into Career

Broadcasting and Cable

The Big Picture

Myerson uses local, cable expertise to extend WB's reach

"There's nobody else in the world who could have done what Russ did....he had a very difficult assignment. When I first heard about it, I thought it was another one of Jamie's crazy ideas, but Russ made it work."

Invitation to fifth anniversary party for WB 100+

Television Week

A Salute to The WB 100+ Station Group on its Fifth Anniversary

Warner Bros. Press Release

Warner Bros. and the WB 100+ Station Group win a Technical Emmy Award

Sony Pictures "Photo Finish"

Bow Truss Studio

Home of the Game Show Network

Sony Pictures "Photo Finish"

Games Architects Play

The Design of the Game Show Network's "State of the Art" serial digital production center

Sony Pictures "Photo Finish"

Inside Game Show Network

Sony's First Serial Digital Production Facility in America

Broadcasting and Cable

Embassy TV Ad in Broadcasting about Russ' success at WJKS

Electronic Media

Trade ad for Tic Tac Dough featuring Russ

Communications Dept. Produces Series for WYES

Times Picayune

Loyola 'Pulse' on Ch. 12